Paper sizes

Paper size

A2 finished size = 420mm x 594mm, with bleed = 426mm x 600mm
A3 finished size = 297mm x 420mm, with bleed = 303mm x 426mm
A4 finished size = 210mm x 297mm, with bleed = 216mm x 303mm
A5 finished size = 210mm x 148mm, with bleed = 216mm x 154mm
A6 finished size = 148mm x 105mm, with bleed = 154mm x 111mm
A7 finished size = 105mm x 74mm, with bleed = 111mm x 80mm
B4 245mm x 345 mm with bleed 251 x 351
Business card finished size = 85mm x 55mm,with bleed = 91mm x 61mm

Banners / poster any thing up to 5ft height and depth.

Please inquire at G10 Design and Print LTD for any queries.