The Environment

G10 has a commitment to the environment, and strives to operate within an eco-friendly framework by observing the golden rules of “reduce – reuse – recycle”.

Accordingly, G10 runs a tight stock control system to ensure that material usage is kept to a minimum. We offer our clients the choice of a range of fully recycled papers, in addition to the sustainably sourced stock that forms the bulk of our usage, and all of our paper stocks are purchased from suppliers with full accreditation from PEFC and FSC. The inevitable waste materials from production – paper and cardboard, as well as process chemicals – are recycled by fully ISO certified specialists.

As well as reducing and responsibly managing materials and waste, G10 is also endeavouring to increase its energy efficiency, first by conducting a thorough review in 2014. Implementing the initial findings of the review, we have begun the phased introduction of LED lighting throughout the company’s three premises, and energy efficiency was one of the deciding factors when purchasing our new press: the Heidelberg CD-74 is model of energy efficiency, with its manufacturers being recognised as pioneers in CO2 reduction and energy efficiency in the printing field.

With a range of measures already in place and a rolling-programme of new measures improvements underway, including a concerted effort to foster a culture of environmental awareness amongst the staff, G10 hopes to demonstrate its ethical commitment to improving the quality of life, locally and globally, both in the immediate term and for generations to come.

The PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is the world’s largest forest certification system, ensuring the “ground-up” sustainable management of environmental resources. The organisation is based on a not-for-profit and non-governmental framework , gearing its policies and actions solely to the highest ecological, social and ethical standards


The FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) was established in response to the 1992 earth Summit, with a stated mission to promote the responsible forestry management, from protection & conservation of the forests themselves, to ensuring the ethical and social protection of their indigenous populations